The CAN Villages

The four-star CAN Village of both Labe and Kankan cities in the Republic of Guinea intended to bring together the continent’s footballers in a unique location. The villages that will accommodate 144 housing units shall be initially built to accommodate some 600 participating footballers, as well as team officials and trainers to be drawn from the competing nations for the duration of the games.

The accommodation part of the Village consists of various types of houses and buildings for the teams and their staff. The villages shall also accommodate a retail area, recreation area, dining hall and medical facilities for the footballers.

The villages offer a wider range of services and amenities such as Olympic size swimming pools, out-door sports facilities, fitness centers, spas, business services, on-site restaurants, room services, conference rooms and dry-cleaning services among others.  

Designed with upscale furnishings, the villages shall be developed to providing a beautifully designed, sustainable residential area. Following the games, the housing unit shall be switched to long-term accommodation facilities as part of the region’s social housing plan. The environmentally friendly CAN village project shall be powered by a renewable solar energy. The neighborhood shall be also fitted with a centralized sewerage treatment plant.