Our Solutions

HAMERE Sarl engages in providing a full range of professional services from analysis, concept throughout design and post-construction support services.  The company develops practical and cost-effective solutions to meet design and engineering related challenges.  

Among others, the company specializes in:

Architectural Design

Carrying out architectural, structural, electrical, instrumentation, and control systems, electromechanical design studies for commercial, multi-purpose, industrial, residential, public and related buildings.

HAMERE Sarl is a preferred design firm for surface infrastructures, sport centers, shopping malls, hotels, residential, offices, retail, manufacturing, schools or universities, health care centers or hospitals, and variety of multifunctional buildings.

Civil Engineering Design

Civil Engineering design including foundations, road and bridge infrastructure, drainage, fire, electrical, sanitary, water supply and distribution, hydrology, etc.  structures;

Pre-Design Studies

Pre-design studies, concept design, risk assessment, feasibility and environmental impact assessment studies, resettlement study and action plan, tender document preparation and engineering cost estimation;


Planning services including infrastructure, water supply and distribution, urban and regional planning and design, landscape architecture, land development, master planning development, resource, environmental and transportation planning;

Estimation, construction supervision, contract administration, review of contractor’s proposals, quality control, records and project management.

Building Materials Supply

HAMERE Sarl also supplies a wide range of standard building and construction materials to contractors, builders, real estate developers and individuals with an affordable price and on time. The company offers a wide range of construction materials including concrete, timber, steel, roofing, plumbing supplies, electrical equipment, insulation, drywall, tiles, flooring, finishing materials and many others.

The main objective of HAMERE Sarl’s operations is to ensure that construction materials are readily available for the customers. We typically work with manufacturers, exporters, distributors and wholesalers to source the products they offer. We also manage inventory and logistics to ensure timely delivery of materials to the construction site.

HAMERE Sarl plays a critical role in the construction industry, as we provide a reliable source of materials needed for building projects. We also help ensure that construction projects are completed on time, within budget, and with high-quality materials. In addition, our team can offer expertise on the selection and use of materials, providing guidance to customers on the most appropriate products for their specific needs.

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