HAMERE Sarl is a multi-national African consulting firm made of innovative, creative and engaged people who are enthusiastic about our customers, our businesses, our stakeholders, our families and our diverse interests.

The company is a full-service consultancy firm offering integrated planning, architecture, engineering and project management services for buildings, transportation, commercial, institutional, recreational and manufacturing facility infrastructures for instance.

In business for more than a decade, HAMERE Sarl is recognized as one of the premier consulting companies in Ethiopia with a track record of successfully completed projects in the neighboring South Sudan.

Incepted to address the design and engineering related challenges that the construction and infrastructure development sectors face, HAMERE Sarl remains one of the leading African Consulting Architects and Engineering solution providers.

Besides delivering a wide range of engineering design projects, HAMERE Sarl has also taken part in many large-scale projects teaming with other reputed consultancy firms.  The company has been staffed and equipped with best expertise and a wide range of resources that are instrumental for providing quality and responsive design, engineering and construction supervision services to both public and private sector clients in a timely, cost effective and innovative manner.  

In fact, HAMERE Sarl is positioned to deliver comprehensive and single umbrella solutions incorporating assessments and investigations, building architectural design, infrastructure engineering, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning (HVAC) services to technically challenging projects.


HAMERE Sarl exists to deliver customized and differentiated comprehensive consulting solutions to our clients. We envisaged to maintain leadership position in creating value to our stakeholders.

At HAMERE Sarl, the following values are fundamental to the way we do business and the manner we interact internally and externally:

· Integrity: We act with honesty in all our undertakings;

· Trust: We take responsibility of our actions;

· Excellence: We provide the best timely services;

· Innovation: We continuously strive to provide creative solutions.

HAMERE Sarl’s unique mix of service offerings attribute to the continuous efforts the company’s leadership and entire employees exert to deliver projects on-time and the unparalleled level of clients’ relationship management practice it will consistently maintain.

The trio of strategic directions and mechanisms revolve around fundamental business transformation that shifts the focus of organizational structure from function to process system, leadership’s attention from profit to performance and seeking shifts from the tradition of relying on tangible to intangible assets to managing uncertainties.  

We are in the business of solving more than just our clients’ civil engineering design and infrastructure challenges – we also should be helping them discover opportunities to supporting their business goals.


Our commitment to client satisfaction is monitored at every stage of project development ensuring all service requirements are met to a very high degree. HAMERE Sarl has been endowed with professional resources and assign an asset-class expert to your project without the requirement to outsource key project tasks.

This gives our clients the confidence that their project will receive the attention, experience and judgement required to deliver an independent, accurate and accountable solutions. HAMERE Sarl has excellent experience in technical and structural aspects of these transactions to help clients capture the value and save their money.

Using the most modern and professional techniques, HAMERE Sarl ensures that the clients are properly consulted from first contact so that their individual requirements are met. As we aim for a sustainable architecture, for instance, in our projects we tend to use eco-friendly materials and technologies, using alternative sources of energy or installing such systems on-site.

HAMERE Sarl shall focus on executing projects on a professional design and construction subversion methodologies. The company should pride itself in its ability to use technology as a tool to ensure that all stakeholders involved have the most accurate and up to date information available.

For instance, HAMERE Sarl is on the verge of deploying a state-of-the-art Information Communication Technology (ICT) solution designed to enable and support the interdisciplinary collaboration and communication between different professional parties that are involved in the construction process of building projects.  


HAMERE Sarl provides optimized and innovative state of the art designs utilizing specialized expertise developed over a decade for the design of buildings and major structures, which are locally adapted for economic constructability.

We take pride in our unique wealth of experience combined with creativity and dedication.  A great deal of our success is due to the continued growth in the civil engineering and infrastructure development industry.

However, the commitment and determination of all the members of our staff to provide a top class and efficient service is one of the major reasons for our continued achievement. HAMERE Sarl has established a strategic business alliance with the leading African construction contractors and design firms such as TACON PLC SARL and Addis Mebratu Consulting Architects and Engineers.

HAMERE Sarl has been flexibly organized with a structure reliant on a process-based division of responsibilities in order to run an efficient and diversified enterprise.  The company is departmentalized and main functioning sectors under the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Include Operations and Systems that are run by executives appointed at Managing Partner level.  

Our Operations unit has tackled a myriad of risks with projects and generated the best available solution to satisfy the clients and stakeholders’ needs as well as ensure that the solution is not simply designing that must be constructed, but that the clients’ requirements have been appropriately addressed and extended through engineering judgment to protect the risk.

The Team

With professionals drawn from Ethiopia, Guinea, Ghana, Italy, South Africa and Uganda, HAMERE Sarl has been staffed with qualified and motivated engineers, architects, environmental specialists, economists, sociologists, project managers, quantity surveyors, institutional specialists and support staff whose strengths can be drawn upon  as  and  when  necessary  for project implementation.

The entire technical staffs are well experienced in the design and construction supervision activities of all types of building and infrastructure projects while they are fully conversant with Building Standards and all international codes.

With our team of leading engineers and architects we provide consultation in overall planning, coordination and control of a project from beginning to completion. Also, the commitment and determination of all employees to provide a top class and efficient service is one of the major reasons for the company’s promising growth.

Coupled with highly qualified executives and project managers, who are responsible for oversight of all components of the company’s operations and projects, the company also maintains a core group of experienced support staffs.

HAMERE Sarl is run by dynamic, mature and forward-thinking servant leadership team supported by highly skilled operations and support teams with many years of specialized and complementary talents and abilities.   

The company continues to employ and maintain a team of expatriate and local qualified experts with decades of combined professional and leadership expertise plus industry recognized experiences in their respective disciplines.

The Road Ahead

What makes us different is we have kept ahead of both the market, industry and regulatory requirements to offer engineering design and consultation solutions that surpass even the most demanding advancements.

Exceeding our clients’ expectations is our ultimate goal at HAMERE Sarl, which is realized based on a long-term win-win situation for both clients and ourselves. We are therefore committed to do everything in our mandate to ensure that stakeholders are more than satisfied with our partnership. As such, every aspect of our client service must outperform industry standards.

By expanding our skills we can understand and leverage emerging technologies, deliver novel solutions, become more efficient in our own processes, we shall exert utmost efforts to be trusted advisors to our clients.

HAMERE Sarl’s long term strategic direction is to further entrench its position as a leading provider of state-of-the-art, high added value engineering design solutions to a wide range of clientele group. It also envisions becoming a leader in the provision of advanced consulting services to different market segments.

In a nutshell, HAMERE Sarl endeavors for continual improvement to provide even better solutions and improved service offerings. We assure you that you should build complete trust in knowing that we are able to undertake anything and do it right.

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